Rolled Soft Leather Dog Lead Light Tan


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D&H Rolled Soft Leather Lead in Traditional Light Tan with Brass or Silver Fittings

Available in a range of contemporary bold and vibrant colours to more traditional shades. In sizes for small, medium or large dogs. Comfortable to hold and handle but strong and pliable.

The internal core is a pre-stretched polyester rope (load bearing 100kg+) around which we wrap, glue, stitch the all-weather soft European leather.

Length is approx 130cm (51-inches) including the handle.

Thickness (Diameter) varies from 8mm to 10mm to 12mm (0.3inch to 0.4inch to 0.5inch).

The 'Width' ranges from 12mm (0.5inch) to 15mm (0.6inch) to 20mm (0.8inch).

Trigger hooks (clips) are proportional in size depending on small, medium or large dog (for ease of choice, the size Medium is our 'standard' size lead).