Paws The Planet Cornish Fish Cookies 100g


70% of the fish caught for Human consumption goes to waste.
Paws The Planet have used the rest of the fish that usually goes to waste when its filleted and created delicious dog treats that your dog will love!

Contained in a beautiful recyclable cardboard container they have been a huge hit as a gift and the doggies love them too!

Made with Salmon Frames (50%), White Fish Frames (40%) and Potato (10%), formed into round cookies. No nasty hidden extras.

Ideal as a treat or reward. Do not substitute for their normal meal. Not suitable for puppies under 4 months. Dogs should be supervised at all times when feeding. Store in a dry, cool place. Always ensure plenty of drinking water is available for your pet.

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Paws the Planet brand. Baked Fish cookies made from the 70% of fish wastage of human consumption. No expiry.

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