Pablo Picatso Artist Cat Collar


Cat collar originally designed by Niaski inspired by the artist Pablo Picasso

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican portrait artist and feminist icon.

Should your cat become stuck on something at the collar, the safety breakaway clip will disengage allowing your cat to break free

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The ‘Cat Artist' pet accessories range is a feline reimagining of some of the greatest artists of all time, just for your art loving cat.

A unique and colourful cat collar that will make your cat stand out from the rest, with matching cat shaped enamel charm.

The 'Picatso' collar is a feline interpretation of Cubist legend, Pablo Picasso now reimagined as 'Pablo Picatso.’

Combining a love of cats and a passion for art, illustrator and designer Nia Gould (‘Niaski’) has created a punny pet accessories range celebrating the life and times of artistic felines.

Cats are not always the biggest fan of collars so these are soft yet strong and fitted with a safety breakaway clasp that will break free should your cat get caught on anything whilst out and about.

Fully Adjustable

Fitted with a safety breakaway clip

Matching 20mm enamel charm

Longest length 260mm

Smallest length 160mm