Flat and Wider Soft Leather Dog Collar Tan 40


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Flat and wider pliable soft leather dog collar.

Ideal for puppies and all breeds to adult size, but especially short and smooth coat.

The collar increases in width proportional to size, and the leather is 'heavier' (thicker) from size 40 upwards (size 40 suits a standard adult Whippet).

Suitable breeds: Chihuahua, Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Pinscher, Manchester Terrier, English Toy Terrier, Jack Russell, Whippet, French Bulldog, Beagle, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pointer, Labrador.

Sizing to suit 'actual' neck size*

Size 25: neck size approx 16-19cm

Size 30: 20-23cm

Size 35: 23-27cm

Size 40: 28-32cm

Size 45: 33-37cm

Size 50: 38-42cm

Size 55: 43-47cm

(*neck size is best determined by taking a soft tape measure pulled snug, overtop the coat but NO fingers underneath)

Handmade at our London workshop