BioThane® Lead, Burgundy with Antique Brass


Trinkety Paws BioThane® Leads are made from genuine waterproof BioThane® material, which is easy to wipe clean, stays odour-resistant and is the ideal material for active dogs of all sizes. BioThane© is the most superior quality waterproof webbing with a longer lifetime, softer feel and more durable ability than any other competing waterproof materials on the market.

The Lead is: 16mm wide BioThane© webbing (breaking load 280kg) with a 66mm Trigger Clasp (breaking load 166kg).

They are designed and made in the UK

– Vegan

– Great for every weather with easy wipe clean material

– Strong but soft and flexible material with a breaking strength of around 280kg.



Extra Small – 16mm wide – 20-30cm (8 – 12″)

Small – 16mm wide – 25-35cm (10-14″)

Medium – 20mm wide – 30-40cm (12-16″)

Large – 25mm wide – 38-50cm (15-20″)








In this product listing you also have the option to buy our BioThane Dog Collars and BioThane Dog Leads individually. To do so, simply select your preferred choice from the drop down menu.



We use high quality hardware clasps and fastenings, made from colour coated zinc. Our clasps are although durable, not rust or chip resistant. The product is fine to be used for playing in rivers, puddles and regular waters, but like most metals don’t like sea water.

If you require a product for play in sea water, please choose products from our adventure range.



BioThane® is the brand name of the highest quality waterproof webbing that is currently available on the market. The material is durable, waterproof, easy to clean and remains always odour-free. Genuine BioThane® waterproof webbing is of a higher quality, much smoother to touch, flexious and more durable with a longer lifeline than other waterproof webbings on the market.


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