“Aloe sensitive soul” Natural Dog Shampoo Bar


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“Aloe Sensitive Soul” natural dog shampoo bar is created using oatmeal & aloe Vera, it is super gentle, soothing and also great for puppies.

Benefits of this shampoo bar:

* Soothing and natural for sensitive skin, suitable for puppies.

* Oatmeal is anti-inflammatory and acts as a protectant on the skin,  it is great for allergies/hay fever – use regularly to wash your dogs paws/legs/underbelly to minimise allergy symptoms caused by pollen in the summer & pollutants in the Autumn/Winter such as road salt

* Aloe Vera contains vitamins A and E which work hard to reduce any mild inflammation

* Gentle yet cleansing formula that lathers up to a bubbly delight

* Mildly scented – a hint of lavender essential oil included to ensure the mildest natural formula, for super-sensitive skin

* Vegan Friendly

* Cruelty Free

* Sustainable and free from any Palm Oil or RSPO

net weight 80g